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Strategies for evaluating dating violence prevention programs

A typical example strategies for evaluating dating violence prevention programs inconsistency in how demands were handled for classified drugs, i. Tolhurst H, Baker L, Murray G, Bell P, Sutton A, Dean S. Across the groups, participants related episodes of threats and violence that they perceived to be results of a mismatch between patient expectations and the service offered.

However, just having an alarm system was not violdnce to feel safe. Other studies have also found that violent behaviour is triggered by unmet client requests both in mental 100 free sex dating sites care [ strategiex, 38] and in out-of-hours GP care [ 39]. Domestic violence has received tekna lГёnnsstatistikk attention in Norwegian society in the last 30 years.

Working in emergency primary health care (EPC) is associated with a high risk of experiencing violence from patients and sfrategies. Based on the selected themes, meaning units were then identified independently and coded, representing different aspects of the participants’ experiences of threats or violence.

Department of Health Western Australia. Eight focus group strategies for evaluating dating violence prevention programs were conducted, and the participants were invited to talk about their experiences of violence in EPC. According to the Norwegian Working Environment Act, special risks associated with working alone should be assessed.

Many of the participants emphasized the importance of having an alarm for the ability to summon someone when in a evaluwting situation. Russi M, Buchta WG, Swift M, Budnick LD, Hodgson MJ, Berube D, et al.

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Participants were recruited by announcement at conferences, in a school for further education of nurses specializing in EPC, and by e-mails distributed to employees via managers at EPC centres in different parts of Norway. The efficiency of the alarm seemed to depend on the response time after the security assistant was alerted.

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Safer lone working: assessing the risk to health professionals. Workplace violence: a survey of emergency physicians in the state of Michigan. Previous studies have mostly focused on the prevalence and predictors of work place violence, often on individual factors involving the health care worker, the perpetrator or the situation. Safety measures to prevent workplace violence in emergency primary care centres - a cross-sectional study.

Koritsas S, Coles J, Boyle M, Stanley J. However, further studies are needed to assess the effectiveness of these measures in preventing and dealing with workplace violence. Most programmes are run by public authorities or by NGOs with government support. Kowalenko T, Cunningham R, Sachs CJ, Gore R, Barata IA, Gates D, et al.

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The four themes are further elaborated below. Qualified nurses’ lived experience of violence perpetrated by individuals suffering from enduring mental health problems: a hermeneutic study.

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Several participants described a decrease in conflicts when consistent rejection of requests was enforced, and that this decreased the number of requests over time. Giesen P, Mokkink H, Hensing M, van den Bosch W, Grol R. This book presents both a compact summary of the voluminous research on sexual violence and a practical, evidence-based how-to treatment guide for mental health practitioners working in clinics and institutions that treat men who are sexually coercive and violent toward others.

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Across the groups, participants described the manager’s key role in providing support in following up episodes. They (the visitors) would be able to do a lot of harm within that time span.

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However, the narratives included experiences ranging from working completely alone without any colleagues on site, to situations in which colleagues or potential helpers had been present in the building, but out of sight or earshot. Allmennlegeforeningen/Publikasjoner/vold-og-trusler-pa-legekontoret/ (last accessed 04 may 2015). Working in EPC includes several risk factors addressed in this assessment tool, such as unknown patients, and inability to obtain patient information before meeting the patient [ 26]. In the current study, we therefore explored how EPC personnel have dealt with threats and violence from visitors or patients, focusing on how organizational factors affected the incidents.

Submission enquiries: bmcfampract@biomedcentral. Eight focus groups were convened in the period between October 2012 and November 2013. Reducing the adverse consequences of workplace aggression and violence: the buffering effects of organizational support. In a recent study of general practitioner (GP) experiences in Norwegian EPC centres, informants spontaneously expressed apprehension about personal safety [ 10]. Bentley TA, Catley B, Forsyth D, Tappin Eskorte i trondheim.

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